James Manera


James Manera owns Blindfaith Productions, where he has acted as head of production, development and advertising for over 12 years. Manera began his career as a writer at the Leo Burnett Company, ending a 10-year run as a GCD at DDB Worldwide before joining the Bedford Falls Company as a Director for One-hour dramatic series (CBS), Director/EP writer - Documentary Series (PBS), Director 2nd Unit/Feature Films with Paramount and Eternity Pictures, Director/writer TV Pilot drama (Comcast network), Director ABC TV Fall Promo, Producer/director documentary feature independent.

Current: Director/writer Feature film 2014 (A is A Productions) Development: Full Disclosure A documentary feature film (in development) 2014/2015, Director/Writer/Producer – “Lombardi” The feature film  Writer/Director/Producer: “The Red Blanket” - Feature film – Spain 2015 Writer/Director/Producer: Anthology Series/sports 2016



James Manera has owned Blindfaith Productions since 2000 and been directing since 1989 in LA, where he has since acted as head of production and development for worldwide advertising, feature films, documentary film and TV series.

Show Runner/Director - The Great Paper Chase - Menace Vision TV Network (2020) - First Season TV Series

Director/Producer – Soundbreaking PBS 8-part series – November 2016 – 2018 Grammy nominated (2018) for, Best Music Show

Director/Writer/Producer – Lombardi - Feature film /2019

Director/Writer - Who Is John Galt – Feature film Released (A is A Productions distribution)

Director/Writer/Producer - Blood Money Documentary feature – Development – music by Hans Zimmer – Co-Producer, Anita Busch 2020

Director/Writer/Producer – The True Story of Santa Claus - Feature Film 2019 - script

Writer/Director/Producer - The Red Blanket - Feature film – 2019 - script

Writer/Pilot Director/EP - Wyeth County – Series Drama for TV/2020 – script

Writer/Director – Amazontropic – Animated feature film – script 2020

Writer/Pilot Director/EP – The Touch – Cable TV Series /2019 Development/script

Writer/Director - Prey - Feature film/Thriller - script 2020

Director/Writer/Producer - Feeling Alright (The Dave Mason Story) Documentary film 2020 - development

Writer/Director/EP - Inside the Ten - NFL Anthology Series 2019 Development

Producer/Director – Festifull Summer - Independent Documentary film 2014

Director/Writer/EP – The Location Manager - Comedy series for Cable TV – Script 2019

Director/Writer/Producer – Buds – Comedy series for Cable TV – Development 2019

Director/Co-EP – Songwriter - Reality music series/2019 (Development)

Director/Season One - Nash Bridges (CBS)

Director 2nd Unit/Feature, Indecent Proposal - Paramount Pictures Director

Director/Writer/EP -The Sum of Us - TV Pilot drama (Comcast Network)

Director /Writer/Producer ABC TV Fall Network Promo

Director 2nd Unit /Feature, Body Shot - Eternity Pictures


                    (310) 930-4687