James Manera


James Manera owns Blindfaith Productions, where he has acted as head of production, development and advertising for over 12 years. Manera began his career as a writer at the Leo Burnett Company, ending a 10-year run as a GCD at DDB Worldwide before joining the Bedford Falls Company as a Director for One-hour dramatic series (CBS), Director/EP writer - Documentary Series (PBS), Director 2nd Unit/Feature Films with Paramount and Eternity Pictures, Director/writer TV Pilot drama (Comcast network), Director ABC TV Fall Promo, Producer/director documentary feature independent.

Current: Director/writer Feature film 2014 (A is A Productions) Development: Full Disclosure A documentary feature film (in development) 2014/2015, Director/Writer/Producer – “Lombardi” The feature film  Writer/Director/Producer: “The Red Blanket” - Feature film – Spain 2015 Writer/Director/Producer: Anthology Series/sports 2016




Show Runner/Director - The Great Paper Chase (TV Series) - Menace Vision TV Network - 2020 First Season

Director/Writer/Producer - Feeling Alright (Documentary - Dave Mason story)

James Manera - On set

James Manera - On set

Documentary/feature: Blood Money (Writer, director, producer - 2019/2020).  

Feature/drama: Lombardi (Writer, director, producer - 2019/2020).  

Feature/drama: The Red Blanket (Writer, director, producer - 2019/2020).  

Feature/adventure drama, The True Story of Santa Claus (Writer, director, producer 2019).  

Feature/thriller, Prey (Writer, director, producer - 2020).  

TV series/drama, The Touch (Created by/Writer, director - 2019/2020).  

TV Series/drama, Wyeth County (Created by/Writer, director - 2019).  

Feature/adventure drama, The Book of M (Writer, director, producer - 2020).  

Feature/comedic drama, Oy Vey Maria (Writer, director, producer - 2020).  

Feature/animation, Amazontropic (Writer, director - 2020).